No, this isn't a dream. 

Yes, those are angels singing in the background.

It's true - your prayers have been answered.


(aka your party time saving grace)

Banana Bus offers the only suburban based pick-up and drop-off festival transport service, so you can start the party sooner!

"What have I done to deserve such good fortune?" you ask?

Well, here at Banana Bus we care about YOU! Your convenience, your comfort, your safety, and most importantly your party needs! 

Simply download the Banana Bus app, select your location, choose which festival you need wheels to, and let us take care of the rest!


Banana Bus offers private festival transport to a number of festivals throughout the year, to help you maximise the party and minimise the stress

How shit is having to deal with dragging ALL your bags ALL the way into the city, to then battle every man and his dog, to get over to Federation Square, to then have to search for your shuttle bus, only to realise that you’re having to drive back in the same direction you’ve JUST COME FROM, because it’s the only option offered to get to that festival in the middle of nowhere.


  Gone are the days of having to haul all of your festival and camping gear on a pilgrimage through Melbourne’s treacherous public transport terrain – Banana Bus comes to you! We’ve got a bunch of convenient pick up points all over suburban Melbourne to ensure you have a hassle-free and enjoyable journey to and from your favourite festivals. So you can party more and worry less!


Don't worry, we have a few cheeky secrets up our sleeve to make Banana Bus your best trip!


But if you have any questions, suggestions or comments on how we can make your festival experience better, let us know below:

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